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Pink Salt Shed was set up in June 2020, predominantly as a Facebook group to talk about all things food, a community group to be in touch with each other remotely when physically was not possible.


Food is a big part of our life and I enjoy offering my food & hospitality to family & friends at get-togethers.  Whether an impromptu or organised gathering in the home or garden, I'd always make sure everyone was fed & watered.

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It's important that I offer an honest product that is what it is. My commitment to you is to source the best quality produce, yet always striving to improve.  I produce my food with passion and as though I'm offering you my hospitality, so you can always trust consistency in taste. I feel simplicity is key to success.

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I love a pesto, so that's what I've produced for months now, yet the repertoire is expanding to include chutneys, sauces, dry rubs & seasonings.

What we do with our food is make sure that each product has several usages, because as it's fresh or on the ambient shelves we want you to use it all and not waste any.

All products have had very little process in making it, 'healthy & wholesome' is very important to me... NO additives, NO preservatives, NO nonsense.

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You'll notice that I've gone for minimal labelling, this is because all of the packaging is recyclable.  The jars (which can be reused), the lids, labels and stickers... all recycleable... however, please put the jute in the compost bucket. The labels are made from FSC certified paper from responsibly managed forests. You may see a change over the next few months, keeping the minimal look yet stepping up a great with pre-printed labels... to save time writing them, more time creating new things!

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I love hearing from you... if there's a product you'd like me to try making then let me know...


If you're having a gathering and need a larger quantity of something then I can of course accommodate, just be in touch...

Join 'shed mail' for updates on recipes and new products as well as where to buy them... be in touch if you'd like to stock the produce as well... spreading the Pink Salt Shed love far and wide is definitely the aim!


"I think it could take a bit more heat in the chilli side of things, but I realise that for a commercial product you need to manage a spectrum of tastebuds, and it may be that one may be at the outer edge of high!... I love your bare pots, with all the labels strung on and the expiry date added by hand, as well as their contents, by the way."

Julie, Enstone

follow pink salt shed on instagram... @pinksaltshed

frequently asked questions

are your ingredients responsibly sourced?

Yes they are. All lingredients are sourced, where possible, from independent businesses. Some stuff has to come from a supermarket if it's out of stock elsewhere, but that's rare. I do bulk buy most of the ingredients so there may be some travel involved, but I try to buy multiple items from the same company to reduce mileage & footprint. And I try to buy products as close to me as possible.

are your ingredients organic?

Some are and some aren't. Generally though, no, but I will always state when they are organic. They won't necessarily be organic because I find that there's honesty in products that are less 'processed' like those I use. There may be times when I do buy organic ingredients because of supply and if the cost is good, yet this isn't enough to warrant the products to be labelled as 100% 'organic'.

is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! All of it. In fact I used to use clear labels on the brown tags but find that these, however good they look, just weren't ticking the recyclable box. So I've gone back to the normal white, which match the white on the black tags, I like consistancy!

can I buy bulk quantities of your product?

You absolutely can. Let me know if you've a specific event or requirement that you need a larger quantity for an we'll chat about how I can accommodate what you need.

will you be expanding the products on offer?

Over time I plan to offer a wider variety of products. Currently there are 7 flavours of pesto, I will be perfecting the recipes for more and I'll keep you posted!

is your pesto 'keto' friendly?

100% yes, it's fabulous for the keto diet. There's a high percentage of oil and some dairy in each product, so don't forget to account for this with your macros.

what are the 'black bits' in my pesto?

all of the pine nuts are toasted by me, some catch more than others, the black bits are just little bits of charred pine nut. Adding depth to the flavour!

my last jar of pesto was a different colour to the most recent one of the same flavour, why would this be?

each batch of pesto is a small batch and depending on how long it's whizzed for can determine the colour. we try to be as consistent as possible, but sometimes there's an extra whizz too many or too few.

can I freeze the pesto?

simply yes, you can freeze it, but be sure to take it out of the jar or to loosen the lid. if you want to portion control then fill ice cube trays with it and then defrost when needed. always defrost in a fridge to control the rise of temperature.


thanks for being in touch...

Your details are for my eyes only, nothing will be shared...

apart from new products & recipes from me... thank you!