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Food is a big part of our life and I enjoy offering my food & hospitality to family & friends at get-togethers. Whether an impromptu or organised gathering I always make sure everyone is fed & watered with some real tasty stuff.

I always wanted my children to grow up with an appreciation for good tasting food; strong flavours and wholesome ingredients.  Family & friends would say to me 'you should sell this stuff', when talking about my pesto, so I took a few pots to the honesty shop at our local dairy and they all sold, so I did it again, and again and thought that there 'might be something in this'. Nearly two years since the first pot sold and Pink Salt Shed is going strong, with pestos, chutneys & seasonings... national distribution, expansion and diversification going on.  

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It's important that we offer an honest product that is what it is. Our commitment to you is to source the best quality produce, yet always striving to improve.  We produce our food with passion and as though we're offering you our hospitality, so you can always trust consistency in taste. We feel simplicity is key to success.

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We love a making pastes, sauces and seasonings for our own use, so that's what we produce for you. We make sure that each product has several usages, because whether it's fresh or on the ambient shelves we want you to use it all and not waste any.

All products have had very little process in making it, 'healthy & wholesome' is very important to me... NO artificial additives, NO artificial preservatives, NO nonsense.

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We've gone for minimal labelling, this is so all of the packaging is recyclable; the jars, the lids, labels and stickers... all recyclable at home. As the label is such a small percentage of the packaging, there's no need to remove it before you recycle the jar and lid. Don't forget though that the jar and lid can definitely be reused.  If you buy directly from us then you can bring the jar back and we'll offer you a discount - just wash the jar and make sure it's no sticky stuff on the outside and then we'll use it again.

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We love hearing from you... if there's a product you'd like us to make then let us know...


If you're having a gathering and need a larger quantity of something then we can of course accommodate, just be in touch...

Join 'shed mail' for updates on recipes and new products as well as where to buy them... be in touch if you'd like to stock the produce as well... spreading the Pink Salt Shed love far and wide is definitely the aim!


"I think it could take a bit more heat in the chilli side of things, but I realise that for a commercial product you need to manage a spectrum of tastebuds, and it may be that one may be at the outer edge of high!... I love your bare pots, with all the labels strung on and the expiry date added by hand, as well as their contents, by the way."

Julie, Enstone

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  • Are your ingredients responsibly sourced?
    Yes they are. All lingredients are sourced, where possible, from independent businesses. Some stuff has to come from a supermarket if it's out of stock elsewhere, but that's rare.
  • Are your ingredients organic?
    Some are and some aren't. Generally though, no. They're not organic because I find that our products are of good quality and unprocessed to start with. There may be times when I buy organic ingredients because of cost or availability, yet this isn't enough to warrant the products to be labelled as 'organic'.
  • Is your packaging recycleable?
    Yes, all of I!. Widely recycled, but best to be reused. I you buy from us in store then bring your jar back (cleaned and not sticky) and we'll give you a discount on your next jar!
  • Can I buy bulk quantities of your products?
    You absolutely can. Let us know if you've a specific event or requirement that you need a larger quantity for an we'll chat about how we can accommodate what you need.
  • What are the 'black bits' in my pesto?
    All of the pine nuts are toasted by us, some catch more than others, the black bits are just little bits of charred pine nut. Adding depth to the flavour!
  • Is your pesto 'keto' friendly?
    100% yes, it's fabulous for the keto diet. There's a high percentage of oil and some dairy in each product, so don't forget to account for this with your macros.
  • Can I freeze the pesto?
    Simply yes, you can freeze it, but be sure to take it out of the jar or to loosen the lid. If you want to portion control then fill ice cube trays with it and then defrost when needed. Always defrost in a fridge to control the rise of temperature.
  • Will you be expanding the products on offer?
    Over time we plan to offer a wider variety of products. But we're not going to run before we can walk, so want to perfect a recipe before we let it loose in the fridges. We're always welcome to ideas of what you'd like, so email us and we'll discuss what's possibly next or how we can fit in your favourite something to our repertoire.

thanks for being in touch...

Your details are for my eyes only, nothing will be shared...

apart from new products & recipes from me... thank you!

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