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 - hand blended rubs & seasonings -


Fabulous on meat, fish, veggies, potatoes and even popcorn!  I've developed these flavours by thinking that when we decide what to eat, we decide on the flavours we'd like to experience.  When I ask my family 'what would you like for dinner', there's answers of 'Indian' or 'Asian', or if doing a bbq we like the low and slow smoky flavours.  On fish the 'zesty' goes down a treat and with 'everyday' we just love some spice.  That's why there's no such funky names for the rubs, just a bit of 'they do what they say on the jar'... let me know what you think!


Meats love to be left alone after being seasoned, for an hour to a few to even over night.  Some say 'the longer the better', I'm in two minds about this because you don't want the flavour to be too strong... yet use the seasonings liberally and gauge by not just using them once but often and you'll find the perfect time to leave them for your perfect flavour. Don't forget if you've seasoned meat, to bring it to room temperature for at least half an hour to an hour before cooking.

I've developed these rubs from researching what the essential ingredients are per country/flavour... I smell and I taste and I try the recipes before I let them loose on the shelves.

The rubs I've perfected and hand blended so far are ready for you...

asian, everyday, indian, italian, jamaican, lebanese, minty, moroccan, smoky, steak & zesty. There's also fine himalayan pink salt, crystal himalayan pink salt and coarse ground black pepper.

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