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Gotta love a chutney on a curry or with cheese... a sauce with a roast dinner or with fish & chips!  I'm not reinventing the wheel when it comes to what flavours I've created so far, but they're popular and the selection will grow over time.


Port & Cranberry Sauce infused with Thyme has a depth of flavour that's almost a little more savoury than the traditional port & cranberry or with a hint of orange.  Thyme brings the sweetness down a notch or two, perfect with a roast, on a chunk of cheese or with a piggie in blanket just simply dipped in!

Caramelised Onion Chutney is such a popular one with hotdogs, in a sandwich or with liver & bacon & mashed potatoes... and on cheese on toast or in a hot panini, ooolala! It brings that hint of sweetness to a meal, but not too much, the savoury of the onion is still there but without the sometimes harsh heat.  The onions still have a slight bite, great in a cheese sandwich.

Spiced Pear & Fig Chutney is awesome on a curry... I'd made this, left it cooling and my husband had made a curry for supper... dolloped this on instead of mango chutney and it was a winner!  Kids loved it too.  With those seasonal spices of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg the aroma is amazing.  A must have for an after dinner cheese or with cold meats, perhaps turkey or baked gammon.

I'm looking forward to developing more flavours and adding my take on the traditional sauces you find in shops all the time.  I don't have such a sweet tooth to be loading everything with sugar, so my flavours will always have a slightly more savoury twist to what can traditionally be quite sweet.

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